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It's a Family Affair...

IMG_4853 I took a month hiatus again from Parker the Prepster and this time I needed it more than anything. I wrote my last post in February discussing my grandfather battling dementia. Soon after the post was published, things started to go downhill fast and I deleted the post temporarily because those dilemmas seemed heavenly compared to the new reality. On March 1, 2015, he became our personal angel watching over my family and myself. My family has been very blessed and it was my first time experiencing a death of an immediate family member. Needless to say it was tough. During times like those, everything seems so minimal in comparison; work takes the back burner and social media is a joke. All I wanted to do was spend time with my family. Three weeks later and we still miss him like crazy, but doing well and embracing this new stage in our lives. My grandfather was the most generous man I've known and his faith was astounding. This faith has allowed our family to grieve with grace and know he's in a better place. As I move out of the grieving phase and enjoy the fact that spring has arrived (sort of…it's snowing…) - I look forward to the floral displays to come. I know that Papa is helping God plan this spring's landscape. I love you Papa. Rest in peace.

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