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Weekend Report

IMG_6245"A weekend well spent brings a week of content."

IMG_6209And the flower pictures continue...

IMG_6233Cam brought this home to start the weekend.

IMG_6241During Friday's lunch break I tried Squeeze Juice Bar for the first time. The Elvis Smoothie was delicious!

IMG_6227These were also at Squeeze. Too funny. It was chocolate of course.

IMG_6240Friday night dancing shoes from TJ Maxx.

FullSizeRender-16This Max Jeans vest is also from TJ Maxx. A utility vest is a wardrobe essential.

FullSizeRender-17The first stop on our Friday Night Date Tour: Loretta's Last Call

FullSizeRender-18How cute are these patio chairs?

FullSizeRender-16My shoes matched the chairs.

FullSizeRender-17Needless to say that ordering was a tough decision, but we got a taste of our Southern roots.

FullSizeRender-18Check out all my outfit details here.

FullSizeRender-19When you go to Loretta's, you must try their Cherry Blush Moonshine Cocktail.

FullSizeRender-20That cherry was devoured.

FullSizeRender-16I see this mason jar as half full. :)

FullSizeRender-17My man is a wing connoisseur. The habanero honey sauce was delicious.

FullSizeRender-19We also HAD to try their biscuits. #impressed

FullSizeRender-18We finished our dinner by splitting their Bushwacker cocktail. I have no words. We fought over sips.

FullSizeRender-20On to the next spot!

IMG_6314The Bleacher Bar has great drinks and a unique view of Fenway Park.

FullSizeRender-16Blurry happiness.

FullSizeRender-17Fun Fact: Cameron was an extra in Ted 2. We can't wait to see it this Friday!

FullSizeRender-18Love these yellow flowers!

IMG_6217We ended our Friday night at Sweet Caroline's. They have great pizza and beer - what more could you want at midnight?

FullSizeRender-19On Saturday we headed to the Hot Dog Safari hosted by Phantom Gourmet. Great vendors and tons of fun!


Hey Ted! See all the details on this outfit tomorrow! FullSizeRender-17Cam said it wasn't the official Ted, but he was a cutie.

FullSizeRender-18 FullSizeRender-19

FullSizeRender-20That afternoon I visited my mom. I always love looking at her little trinkets.

Sunday was stormy - a perfect day to catch up on "Orange is the New Black"

What are your plans for this weekend?


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