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Three Red Sox games! We went to the one on Friday and watched the other 2 from the comfort of our home. They only won on Friday, which makes me think we're lucky charms...

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 I stopped by the TJ Maxx in Waltham and picked up a couple items (haul to come later) - one of the items was this adorable Aerie sweatshirt, which I wore to Lilly Madness the next day.

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Lilly Madness at 7:15AM. The line grew FAST.


It pays to be nice to people. As a retired retail worker, I know what these Target sales associates had to go through. I befriended a lovely gentleman and he found me these pillows in the backroom. Thank you sir, they are my faves. (Home items: 2 large pillows, 1 decorative pillow, 1 white blanket, and 1 patio stool - I'm not keeping the patio stool)


After Lilly Madness, I went to Ikea. My Lilly home items inspired some furniture shopping. Cam and I decided on this storage bed. The mattress lifts up to reveal TONS of storage - perfection for apartment living. I think we may order it next weekend. I picked up some other fun stuff while I was there and proceeded to redo our bedroom alcove. It's girly, but surprisingly Cameron doesn't hate it. I think the Lilly reminds him of home.

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Flower stem from Ikea. I think it adds an extra touch. I know it needs more stems, but wanted to test out the look.


OBSESSED with this Lilly blanket. I purchased a white duvet cover set from Ikea for 19.99 to create a layered effect.

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These floor pillows are the bees knees. They serve 3 purposes: Euro pillows, floor seating, and when they are stacked they make a perfect ottoman. When you live in 480 square feet, you need items that do everything!

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I replaced our heavy burlap curtains with these light tulle ones from Ikea. Only 3.99 for the set. In the corner you can see a new hamper - it fits that little nook perfectly and was only 7 bucks.


Preppy perfection.


I'm so happy I was able to get the dress I really wanted. ...and it matches my bedding.


Clothing Items: "My Fans" Girl's Rashguard (the only advantage to being 5'2'', I'm going to use it for kayaking), "Nosie Posey" Strapless Maxi Dress, and "Upstream" Shift Dress (I accidentally grabbed one that's 2 sizes too big, so hopefully my awesome seamstress can take it in for me, otherwise I'm selling it on Ebay). The clothing area was a war zone and we were only allowed to buy 3 clothing items, which resulted in this wacky trio. Still really happy I was able to find the maxi, plus Cameron loves it!


The last item I bought at Ikea was these tealight candles, which are currently burning and making our apartment smell amazing as I type this post. Such a great deal at 2.99!

I know this was a super long post, but I hope you enjoyed it. It's a good thing Cameron had to work this weekend. He would have been so bored on my girly adventures. I had fun, but I LOVE spending time with him. I can't wait for our adventures next weekend!


Cheat Meal: Pizza Fries

Nordstrom Rack Treasure: Striped Crop Top