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Rocksbox Rocks my Socks Off

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I have WAY too much jewelry and yet I only wear the same 5 pieces. This is primarily because I don't have the space to display it all and if I don't see it, I don't wear it...so when I discovered Rocksbox, I felt like I had died and gone to jewelry heaven. You mean...I basically have an unlimited and huge jewelry closet and I don't have to store anything?

Here's how Rocksbox works:

1) Become a Shine Insider for just $19 per month + take a style survey + create your wishlist.

2) Get 3 amazing pieces to wear on loan. Wear them as much as you want!!! Until you get tired of them...

3)...and then return them to get 3 NEW pieces...OR...buy the ones you love way too much (you receive $10 each month to use towards purchasing those special items)

Bonus: Free shipping both ways and fits in your mailbox - no signature required!

I've become a huge fan of monthly products, but this may be my new favorite and you have to give a try too! If you're ready to add unlimited jewelry to your collection, click here, sign up, and use the code parkertheprepsterxoxo to receive 1 month of free Rocksbox! I think I'm going to use my $10 Shine Spend towards that Gorjana cuff. Which piece from this set is your favorite?! Let me know if you sign up! I'd love to be Rocksbox buddies! Happy Tuesday!

Happy Mother's Day!

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