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Product Review: Cucina and Amore

FullSizeRender-5 copy 3 I've found a new obsession and this time it isn't fashion related. The 3 H's were not good for my body - Honeymooning, Holidays, and Hibernation. Now I'm on a major sprint to get my body "beach ready". I love finding fun and innovative snacks to reach for when I'm watching what I eat. These Quinoa Meals can act as meals or snacks depending on what you add to them. You can asked my partner Chris at work, I recently have been eating these every single day. I love the "Spicy Jalapeño and Roasted Peppers" flavor, but not a huge fan of the "Basil Pesto". The first is super spicy - right up my alley! However, the Pesto is too salty for my taste buds. Also, my body is extremely sensitive to sodium, so I have to watch my daily intake. I went on Cucina and Amore's website and discovered some of their other products, such as their Tricolor Jalapeños, which I've been adding to my eggs. I love the color (and kick!) it gives my breakfasts. What are some of your favorite healthy meals and snacks?! I love recipes and suggestions. Lets get beach body ready together!

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