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Parker the Prepster 2 Year Anniversary!

I started this little piece of the interweb 2 years ago after starting and failing so many blogs prior to July 4, 2014. When I paid for my domain name and my Wordpress package, I knew I wanted to commit. I wanted to generate beautiful content to share with my family, friends, and whoever else wanted to tag along...

With your help, I have looked for ways to improve Parker the Prepster. Whether that was purchasing my own Nikon DSLR (after borrowing my father's for far too long) , adding videos to the blog or seeking feedback from ya'll on the content you wish to see here... I hope you have enjoyed the evolution of PTP.

The past 2 years have been a whirlwind because you caught me at a gigantic stepping stone in my life. I graduated from college, got engaged, got married, celebrated a 1 year anniversary with Cam, and all the while have tried to maintain a full time staffing job with my blog as my creative outlet.

However, this blog has been so much more than a creative outlet. It has allowed me to document my adventures with Cam, meet wonderful blogger friends, collaborate with fabulous companies, share foodie finds, and experiment with style (both fashion and interiors).

This Wednesday, I will be adding a new element to my blog and sharing an aspect of myself that I have struggled with and shied away from sharing. I am adding this series to help others, hold myself accountable, and accomplish my goals.

Thank you for all your love and support! I cannot wait to share what's to come for PTP - Year 3... but for now, take a look at my favorite posts, moments and memories over the past 2 years:

Ten Favorite Style Moments

College Graduation



One Year Anniversary

Three Interior Decorating Posts

A Visit with Ann Rae

Two Boston Skyline Shots

...and dozens more memories...

Cheers! Thank you so much for your love, support, and following along! xoxo!

Grey Theory Maxi Dress

Grey Theory Maxi Dress

Rocco's Gardens

Rocco's Gardens