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1) My latest "Throwback Thursday" picture in honor of the sun coming out post Winter Storm Juno. I took this picture last March when I had my interview with Saks Fifth Avenue. It was such a gorgeous day!

2) Flowers always make me happy! I bought these flowers at Whole Foods and the vase is from Marshalls. I saw a similar sea glass bathroom set at Bed Bath & Beyond.

3) I found these gold makeup brushes tucked away this morning! I have been looking for them since we moved to Boston in May. Isn't it amazing how things still get lost, even in 480 square feet?!? I bought them at J Crew forever ago and recently purchased the sea green Kate Spade Saturday plate at TJ Maxx for $2.00! It retailed for $12.00. I'm currently using it to display my monthly makeup items.

4) I love this last picture! I think it's so neat how my highlights and braids blend in so well with the reeds. This picture is a cropped version from this post.


Tomorrow is Friday! How exciting! I've been feeling a little under the weather this week and really look forward to taking it easy this weekend. Other than the Superbowl, I have not a single item on my agenda. Have a fabulous Friday and relaxing weekend. Go Pats! 

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