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Half Off at the Hall: Aris BBQ

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I'm excited to share with everyone that Half Off at the Hall started yesterday and will last through the end of March! Quincy Market has been one of my favorite places to go for any meal and now you can purchase over 50 food items for half the price. One of the many things I love about Boston are my "cheat meal walks". Cameron and I started doing "cheat meal bike rides" this past summer. We ride about 15 miles or so and then finish our ride or take a break and have a fantastic "cheat meal", such as our lunch at All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge this summer. I was off for MLK Day and decided it would be the perfect day for some "me" time and a cheat meal. I also had to see what this "Half Off at the Hall" was all about.  I left the Fenway around 1pm, put in my ear buds, and began walking towards Faneuil Hall. About an hour later I was walking through a noisy Quincy Market, trying to decide what my taste buds were craving for lunch. After watching the Patriots demolish the Colts the night before, I was really craving a hot dog (bad girl). I read that Aris BBQ was featuring half price hot dogs and all you had to do was ask for the "Half Off Special". I walked up and asked for this special. The man looked back at me surprised and said "the dog?" "Yes" I replied. Moments later, a dog the size of my face was laid on the counter before me and my card had been charged. I quickly realized from the receipt that this was not the "Half Off Special" - he thought I had said HALF POUND DOG! It was too late to do anything - all I could do was enjoy this guilty pleasure. Needless to say and I'm pleased to admit, I didn't finish it, but enjoyed every bite. I walked back to the Fenway, burned off my portion of enormous hot dog, and completed my 6.5 mile walk. Lesson learned: have a list of the marketplace food items with you in order to make the best decision possible. Even with the confusion, I highly recommend Aris BBQ in Quincy Market and everyone should definitely take advantage of the savings at Faneuil Hall! I know I'll be back. Maybe I'll make it a mini series on the blog…

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