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Google Express x Surprise Landing

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I was recently introduced to Google Express through a surprise landing on my doorstep - full of goodies! I especially love the Coconut Green Tea and Cardamom Candle, but more importantly I love the idea behind Google Express! Google Express is a membership shipping service focusing on businesses in your local area - "same-day delivery on everything you love." You need ink for your printer? Google Express partners with Staples and it's shipped to your door. You need that magazine that hit stands this morning? Google Express partners with Barnes and Noble and it's shipped to your door. You need toilet paper? Google Express partners with Walgreens and it's shipped to your door- sigh of relief! Plus, free shipping on all eligible orders over $15. If you like this idea as much as I do, go browse all the stores that Google Express partners with in your area. I promise it's worth it and I can personally guarantee I'll be using this service this winter. I went through many scary toilet paper moments during this past one. ;) How will you use Google Express?

A big thanks to Krystal Bick and the Google Express team!


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