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Dining Reveal // Interior Decorating on a $1000 Budget

Dining Reveal // Interior Decorating on a $1000 Budget

Cameron and I moved into our new apartment in February and I've absolutely LOVED decorating our space on a budget. I've found it an enjoyable challenge that I have officially conquered in our dining space. Homegoods, Wayfair, and Craigslist have been my best friends. I've made an " antique picker friend" via Craigslist and I'm pretty sure all the Homegoods associates in the greater Boston area know my name. The only struggle I had was with our dining chairs. I found the shorter ones via Craigslist from a woman in Marblehead. She had purchased them from Wayfair and gave me the link to order more...however, the style was modified and the new model has a significantly higher back. At first, I freaked out, but the combination grew on me. I personally love a mix-matched look and wanted a mix of white leather chairs and ghost chairs, but Cam wasn't in agreement. I figured that given our place is pretty feminine, I would let him win that battle. ;) It ended up being the perfect space to host our first family gathering, Easter.

Flowers + family + feminine decor = one happy blogger.

Sarah Brooke 'Pori' Painting - Homegoods ($69)

Parsons Table - Craigslist ($200)

Short White Dining Chairs - Craigslist ($100)

Tall White Dining Chairs - Wayfair ($430)

Gold & Glass Tower (similar) - Craigslist ($75)

Glass Vase - Homegoods ($5)

Wine Glasses - Homegoods ($5)

Napkins - Crate and Barrel ($13)

Napkin Rings (similar) - Homegoods ($12)

Plates (set of 15) - Homegoods ($10)

Gold Chargers - Homegoods ($10)

Gold Flatware - Homegoods ($40)

Vintage Perfume Bottles - Homegoods ($3 - $5)

White Planters - Homegoods ($4 - $7)

Decorative Sphere - Homegoods ($10)

TOTAL - $998

Black & Blue

Black & Blue

50 Shades of Beige

50 Shades of Beige