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Best Dressed


I had the pleasure of attending the champagne toast at Best Dressed last week. I went with my best blogger friend, Jenna (Boston Chic Party) and we had a blast, but the concept itself is the bees knees. Best Dressed is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard. They offer designer dresses for rent - all you have to do is follow a simple process:


Visit us and choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes; find a dress you love and feel great in


Once you've found a dress you love, we'll help you finish the look with jewelry and accessories (available to rent or buy)


Choose a pick up date (rentals are for 5 days)

Pick up

Come in to pick up your dress; we'll have it waiting for you!

Drop off

Bring it back; we'll take care of the dry cleaning and minor repairs

That's it! It's such a fabulous idea. I'm always trying to find dresses for weddings, parties, Christmas photos, etc...and as Nikoleta (owner) and I discussed "social media has made it impossible to wear the same dress twice". Why pay $378 for a one time dress, when you can rent one for $65? ...And if you think "Well, it's been worn by someone else..." - don't let that deter you because:

1) Best Dressed takes care of dry cleaning and minor repairs

2) After working in retail for 8 years, I've seen everything...that "new" dress you bought isn't new. It's been in chemical haven during the manufacturing process, tried on by a million different people, and possibly worn and then returned.

Have I answered all your questions? Are you a Boston lady ready to go down the rental route?

Go visit Vicky and Nikoleta at Best Dressed for your next big event.






xoxo - Sarah Parker <3

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