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Barbour on the Beach

Barbour on the Beach

Sarah - Barbour Jacket, Lucky Brand Flannel, Loft Leggings, Timberland Boots c/o

Cam - Primark Beanie, Captain Fin Flannel, Old Navy Jeans, Vasque Boots

Cam and I arrived back in Quincy last Sunday. Everyone asked us as we were headed back north if we were dreading the weather and the snow? Our answer was "no" - we love cuddling on the couch, watching The Office way too many times, and cooking comfort food... this week we made shepherd's pie, ratatouille, lamb, snow crab legs, and spaghetti. 

This morning we knew a blizzard was coming and wanted to get out of the apartment, even if ever so briefly. On our way to Guitar Center (side note, Cam's Front & Turner EP is finally available here), we stopped at Wollaston Beach for a walk. It ended up being WAY too cold, so we snapped some pictures and hopped back in the car. Brrrrrr. 


I bought this Barbour International Polarquilt Jacket at Second Time Around's Black Friday Sale for $45. It retails for almost $200, so I was pretty excited! It's cozy, warm, and the black color makes it a staple item in my closet. 

I was super excited to capture the seagull in the above photo of Cam, even though our fingers were freeeeezzzing!

We'll have to return for another beach walk when the temperature is a tad bit warmer. xoxo!

Swansboro Sunset

Swansboro Sunset